When a series of volcanic eruptions disrupt a once prosperous planet, the planet’s locals reach out to nearby galaxies with a unique invitation…

"Farm & Craftmasters wanted! No experience required!”

As a newly recruited “Craftmaster”, your overall goal is to build the ultimate crater, craft incredible items and help the planet's locals rebuild their world.

Nectar is the source to grow the quirky plants in your crater.
Fully-grown plants will generate nectar that flying creatures called Bumbles will gather and store in your nectar hive. If you’re running low, you can go on a nectar hunt in nearby craters.

Plants can be harvested to generate raw materials for crafting.
To craft furniture, you’ll need the help of “crafters” – cute creatures who can be recruited to join your crater workforce. Expand your workforce to power-up your crafting abilities!

Your crater isn’t just a production facility, it’s also a resort!
Build and furnish Guest Huts to host travelling locals and complete their requests to earn nectar and other valuable rewards.

Every Craftmaster has a House - decorate yours with crafted furniture.
Other players can rate your decorated rooms and high ratings will earn you Star Power (SP) to help you level up! Increase your level to perform important upgrades in your crater and unlock more crafting opportunities.

As your crater and crafting skills grow, so will your social circle.
Collaborate with friends in trades and enter league competitions with rivals to discover who is the ultimate Craftmaster!