Nectar (represented in-game with an  icon)  is a precious and mysterious resource found all over the world of Farm & Craft.

You'll find your Nectar supply inside your Nectar Tank, a convenient storage and distribution system that can be upgraded for higher capacities as required... provided you've got the Crafters and the Nectar to perform the upgrade!

Need a little extra Nectar? Luckily for you, there are almost as many ways to collect Nectar as there are to spend it!

Bumble Hive:

Bumble Hives are where Bumbles live, and those little critters love nothing more than collecting Nectar from nearby plants and wildlife. Higher level hives house more Bumbles, have higher collection rates per hour and bigger maximum capacities!


A great way to earn Nectar is by raiding Craters belonging to other Master Crafters. Tap the Bumble icon in the lower-right corner of the game screen to start a Nectar Raid!

Fulfilling Orders:

Nectar is also awarded by completing orders inside your Crater. Just check the front of each order crate to see how much Nectar is on offer. Fill an entire palette of orders to unlock a huge Nectar bonus!

Crater Portal:

Another way to collect a daily dollop of bonus Nectar is to explore the Molten Madness and Nectar Ejector social areas inside the Crater Portal. In the Crater Portal, Master Crafters can work together to smash surging puddles of molten Nectar back into the ground to build pressure and create powerful Nectar eruptions! 

Master Crafters can collect molten Nectar from eruptions once per day, or help other collectors build pressure by smashing any Nectar puddles when they appear. Helping other Master Crafters out here is a great way to make friends!

Wishing Well:

Globs of Nectar have also been said to appear as rewards for Master Crafters who try their luck in the Wishing Well!