While in-app purchases are designed to be instantaneous, there are are instances where receipt of in-app purchase goods may be delayed. This most often happens due to mobile data or WiFi connectivity issues.
If you have been billed for an in-app purchase you haven't received, the first thing we would urge you to do is to follow the below troubleshooting guide.


Please note: it is very important you do not authorise any further payments when carrying out these steps!

1. Please return to the Voucher Shop and click on any one of the in-app purchase bundles
2. A message box should appear advising you have not received a recent purchase
3. Please click 'OK' on that message to reload your Crater and receive the missing bundle items


We hope this article has been of assistance.

Stay Crafty!


If you have followed these steps and you are still unable to collect your purchased goods, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

You can do this by clicking the green 'New Support Ticket' button at the top of this page.